Professor Auxiliar
+351 253601925 , +351 253604550
Office 3.05


Areas of interest
Branding, Place Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Advertising, Celebrity Endorsement/Branding

António Azevedo

PhD Business Administration (University of Minho)

Since 2013 is Assistant Professor of the Management Department. Before he was guest teacher in EEG since 2006. Currently is member of the Direction of the Master Course in Marketing and Strategy. He receive his PhD in Management Sciences on 2003. He receive his Master Degree in Management on 1996.

Selected publications

  • Santos, A. L., Barros, F., & Azevedo, A. (2019). Matching-up celebrities’ brands with products and social causes. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 28(2), 242–255. DOI
  • Carvalho, C. P., & Azevedo, A. (2018). Do glamour, self-sexualisation and scopophilia influence celebrity endorsement? EuroMed Journal of Business, 13(1), 86–101. DOI
  • Custódio, M. J. F., Azevedo, A., & Perna, F. P. (2018). Sport events and local communities: a partnership for placemaking. Journal of Place Management and Development, 11(1), 6–25. DOI
  • Machado, A., & Azevedo, A. (2016). Caso Meia Dúzia. In J. Abreu (Ed.), Casos de Sucesso Empresarial - Empresariato (1ª edição., pp. 115–133). Vila Nova de Famalicão: Idioteque.
  • Machado, A., & Azevedo, A. (2016). Vieira de Castro. In J. Abreu (Ed.), Casos de Sucesso Empresarial - Empresariato (1ª ., pp. 291–318). Vila Nova de Famalicão: Idioteque.
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